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Configurable cloud platform that tailors to your quality processes.

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Why Vault?

Vault is a unified, pure-cloud application development platform for customizing, integrating, and extending Vault applications, or to create your own applications.

The Vault Platform is architected to meet among the most rigorous usability, scalability, performance, validation, and security requirements. IT teams or even power users can rapidly modify existing applications or configure new cloud applications with a simple point-and-click interface. Vault’s unique ability to manage both content and data in a single platform enables all organizations to quickly deploy powerful applications that manage end-to-end processes with related content, data, and workflows.



Vault’s interface is as easy to use as a consumer website. Whether users access it every day or twice a year, our applications are intuitive to prevent users from working outside the system and needlessly distributing content storage. Vault’s ease of use maintains your quality processes and documents in a single unified solution.

Google-like Search with Faceted Filters

Simple Navigation

Microsoft Office 365 Integration


Over 200 organizations around that globe trust Vault to host their most sensitive information. Vault is a modern, secure global multi-tenant cloud platform hosted at SOC 1 Type II and ISO 27001 certified global data centers. By delivering and accessing Vault through the web, people can collaborate across the globe quickly and securely. Built for scale, Vault supports high volumes of data, content, and concurrent use.

Security Controls Aligned to ISO 27001:2013

IT Controls Published within Our Annual SOC 2 Type II Report

Objective Evaluation of Security Controls and Enterprise Readiness


Using Vault, contract manufactures and other partners can directly participate in your quality processes. A system administrator simply:

  • Defines permissions based on user's role and responsibilities
  • Generates a unique user profile
  • Emails the user their login information

Define User Permissions

Generate User Profile

Send Login Email


New quality processes, standards, and regulations require technology that can keep pace in today’s global, digital, and distributed world. Vault QualityOne is a pure multi-tenant cloud application that advances three times a year through transparent, non-disruptive releases. No upgrades, no installs, no surprises.

Why choose multi-tenant cloud?

  • Always current: All users automatically operate in the most recent version of Vault QualityOne. Be 100% focused on quality innovation instead of being bogged down by an outdated quality management system.
  • Appreciating asset: Your organization will experience new features, enhanced functionality, and greater configuration capabilities with each new release.
  • High quality: All Vault users across the globe use the same cloud infrastructure, necessitating the lightening fast issue identification, investigation, and correction Veeva Vault is known for.


With quality best practices already built in, your organization can utilize Vault QualityOne’s point and click configuration to tailor the application to your specific needs, preferences, and processes. Vault QualityOne administrators and power users can:

  • Define different user types, permissions, and security to bring together exactly the right group across internal staff and external partners.
  • Modify and extend the system by creating or amending processes, workflows, or data elements.
  • Configure reports and dashboards for real time visibility across processes, workflows, and related data.

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Create a single source of truth across processes to ensure compliance and a complete audit trail. Vault QualityOne includes configurable features to meet quality and compliance standards such as ISO, GxP, and 21 CFR directives. Users can benefit from:

  • Audit trail showing users, records, workflows, and documents, including key signoffs
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signature for approvals
  • Configurable water marks and approval signature manifestations


Every release of Vault QualityOne is installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ) validated. Vault QualityOne delivers a comprehensive validation package to substantially reduce the performance quality (PQ) effort. Join the over 200 companies that use and maintain Vault as a validated system. Work with our validation experts across product, services, quality, and operations teams to build in-house compliance capabilities that offload your validation burden.