About Veeva Systems

Founded in 2007 by cloud software veterans, Veeva pioneered the industry cloud for life sciences, harnessing the power of cloud technology to address the needs of one of the world’s largest, most highly regulated global industries. Today, our more than 400 customers – ranging from the largest global pharmaceutical companies to emerging biotechs – leverage Veeva solutions in over 100 countries. Learn more about our industry cloud for life sciences.

In 2011, Veeva launched Veeva Vault, a platform for regulated content management. Since that time, Veeva has matured the platform to support content, data, and workflow allowing customers to manage complex processes in a single application. Now Veeva is bringing the benefits of Veeva Vault to other industries. Contact us to learn more.

Customer Success Focus
Core values of customer success, employee success, and speed guide how we operate the company and make decisions at all levels. Customer success is our number one value and fundamental to our business model. Customers we make successful and support with speed, quality, and innovation, expand their use of Veeva and refer others.